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Purpose of the Home Inspection

Although home inspections are advertised regularly and recommended by mortgage lenders as well as real estate agents, first time home buyers may still be a little unsure about the purpose of the inspection. In a nutshell, the inspection gives the buyers a full view of the home’s condition at the time of purchase. This represents a base line from which the buyers can build their knowledge for future repairs or renovations.

Understand These Six Questions Before Buying a Home

Although some analysts may still have a few questions about the real estate recovery, historically low rates along with an excellent inventory still make this a great time to purchase a home. However, buying a home is a negotiation. And the side that is best prepared in any negotiation usually comes away with the better deal. Here are some vital questions about home buying and the key to understanding each one.

VA Joint Loan Options

Many couples choose to use only one certificate to buy their first home and reserve the other VA certificate for a larger home purchase later on. If the spouse does not co-sign on the loan then they most likely will not be held responsible for the loan. This is not true in states that observe community property laws like Wisconsin.