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Buying a Home While Going Through a Divorce

Buying a home while in the middle of a divorce takes a bit more preparation and understanding compared to other types of home purchases. The following information should help people that are in the midst of a divorce and wishing to buy another home.

Niche Mortgage Programs That Home Buyers Should Know About

If your situation doesn’t fit the standard expected by lenders, you could find it more difficult to qualify for the home loan you want. But there could be other options that will make financing your home purchase easier.

What are Non-Warrantable Condos vs a Warrantable Condo Mortgage

Before you consider buying a condo, it is important to find out if the condo has been approved by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, if you are going to use a conventional loan. If you are using a government-insured loan from the FHA, VA, or USDA, the condo project has to be approved by their requirements.

Gift Of Equity Conventional Loan

Rather than provide their kids or grandkids with a check as a down payment on a home, some people choose to offer a gift of equity on an existing home.

Converting Your Primary Residence to a Rental Property

Many people reach a place in their life where they are ready to improve on their quality of living. This could mean investing in real estate as a way of improving their monthly cash flow or it could simply mean buying a nice vacation home at the lake, in the mountains, or on the beach. For people who wish to convert their primary home to a rental property there are a few rules and guidelines to follow.