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Inlanta Mortgage has been a Mortgage Banker specializing in mortgage loans since we first opened our doors in 1993 in Brookfield, WI. With licensed offices in many states, we have the staff and the experience to meet any home loan need.

Scotsman Guide named Inlanta Mortgage as a Top Mortgage Lender for the year 2013 and Milwaukee Journal listed us as one of the Top Workplace for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. For three years straight, from 2011 to 2013 Mortgage Executive Magazine listed Inlanta as part of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America as well as part of the 50 Best Companies to Work For. Besides these accolades, we are proud that Scotsman Guide’s #1 USDA Rural Development Loan Originator works for Inlanta and that this individual has reached the status of Platinum Million Dollar USDA Lender as noted by the USDA Rural Housing Association.

Government Loans: FHA, VA, and USDA Rural Housing

These Government programs are designed to enable people to buy a home with little or even nothing down! If you are a first time home buyer, if you are looking to make a low or no down payment or if you are a veteran, the government may be able to help you with a purchase or refinance!

Check out these great Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Florida mortgage programs:

  • FHA Mortgage Loans


    The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is a government organization that oversees the rules and guidelines for their mortgages. FHA does not make loans but they approve lenders, like Inlanta Mortgage, to make loans under the FHA approval. These loans are great for first time home buyers.

    The down payment is minimal and the credit requirements are more lenient compared to other types of loans. In addition, the down payment money can be a gift from a loved one, making it possible to buy a home with no out of pocket expense for the down payment.

    Along with the traditional purchase program FHA also offers the following loans:

    • FHA 203k Rehab Loan – one single loan to buy a property and make renovations
    • Illinois FHA Loan – state-specific page for Illinois residents looking to buy a home using the FHA program.
    • Minnesota FHA Loan – another state-specific page for Minnesota citizens looking to purchase a home with an FHA loan
    • Florida FHA Loan – state-specific page for Florida residents looking to purchase a home with an FHA mortgage
    • FHA Streamline Refinance – existing FHA mortgage can be refinanced with reduced paperwork and no appraisal
    • FHA Reverse Mortgage – designed to help senior citizens tap into their home equity without a monthly loan payment

    FHA program information

  • VA Mortgage Loans


    The Veterans Administration (VA) works similar to FHA. They do not offer the mortgage loans but approve lenders to offer VA financing. People who have served in the military during wartime, peacetime and even just in the reserves can be eligible for the VA mortgage.

    The VA program has a no money down feature, allowing the veteran to easily buy a home. The credit requirements are quite lenient as long as the other eligibility requirements are met.

    Besides veterans that have served in the military it is also possible for the widows of veterans and the spouse and children of active duty personnel to also qualify for the VA mortgage.

    Please Note: The VA mortgage program is available to eligible Veterans only.

    • VA Purchase – enjoy the privilege of no down payment loans for qualified veterans and reservists
    • VA IRRRL Streamline Refinance – allows current VA home loan customers to refinance to a lower rate with reduced paperwork
    • VA Refinance (Non-Streamline) –  Veterans can refinance an existing loan up to the appraised value
    • Jumbo VA Mortgage – designed to help purchase loans priced over $453,100
    • Minnesota VA Loans – state-specific page for Minnesota residents looking to buy a home using the VA mortgage program.
    • Illinois VA Loan – state-specific page for Illinois residents looking to buy a home using the VA mortgage program.
    • Florida VA Loan – state-specific page for Florida citizens looking to buy a home using the VA mortgage program.

    VA program information

  • USDA Rural Housing Mortgage Loans


    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is another government group that offers home loans. Unlike the FHA and VA offices, the USDA actually has a hand in providing the loans. The USDA will approve lenders to offer mortgages. However, all loan applications must be sent to the USDA for underwriting in order for the loan to be approved.

    The USDA Rural Housing Mortgage offers loans with no down payment requirement. In addition, the closing costs can be included with the loan as long as the total amount borrowed does not exceed the appraised value of the property. The USDA loan can be used for a purchase or a refinance. Refinances also allow loans up to the appraised value.

    Please Note: For all USDA mortgage loans, property and income restrictions apply.

    USDA Rural Housing program information

  • Conventional Loans


    We also offer conventional loans! Conventional loans are mortgages offered with the lowest interest rates. For people with strong credit history, stable employment and a small down payment this loan is a perfect fit.

    In addition to a conventional loan used to purchase a home we also have the following programs available:

    Conventional program information

  • Refinance

    Cash out, debt consolidation or lower your existing rate

    If you currently own a home and find yourself in need of refinancing we have a program to fit your needs. All of the government programs mentioned above, along with conventional loans, offer some type of refinance option. If you simply want to lower your interest rate in order to save money on your mortgage payback you can choose from a wide range of loans.

    If you need to use the equity in your home to pay off other debt then a consolidation loan is a good choice. If you would like to make some minor improvements to your home that should cost less than $5,000 the VA and FHA both offers refinance programs for this purpose. IF you need to make major renovations to your home or possibly add on to the property then the FHA 203k would likely be your best bet.

    • Refinance Options – there are a variety of reasons to refinance – Let us help you with your goals!

    Refinance program information

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