Old Collection Accounts Can be Ignored When Applying for FHA Mortgage

by Aiman Abozeid on November 9, 2012 · 0 comments

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Some borrowers have re-established their credit and are making the right moves to prepare themselves for a home purchase. At one time, these people would be held back from buying a home due to old collection accounts appearing on their credit report. However, that issue has been resolved for FHA loans.

Old Rule

The FHA rule stated that if a borrower had a collection account, or a disputed account, with a balance of more than $1,000 then the person could not be approved for an FHA loan. This was a death blow to many borrowers who had fallen on hard times and wound up with a few bad accounts or had suffered through some medical problems.

In order to be eligible for FHA financing the debt had to be paid off completely or the borrower had to arrange a payment plan with the creditor. Often times the new debt payment would negatively impact debt to income ratios for the borrower and eliminate them from FHA consideration.

New Rule

Now, this rule has been rescinded. In April of 2012 it was proposed to remove the rule but then delayed. Mortgage lenders, real estate agents and other interested parties pleaded with FHA to put the rule in place. Finally, in June of 2012 the administrators of FHA agreed to take the rule off the books.

This is great news for many potential borrowers. People that have made strides to pay their bills on time, reduce their credit card debt and maintain a stable employment history for the past 2 years now have even more reason to seek out an FHA mortgage for their home purchase.

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