Real Estate and Mortgage Guide for Sun Prairie, WI

Also called the Groundhog Capital of the World, Sun Prairie is a town in the county of Dane located in Wisconsin.  Sun Prairie is also considered a portion of the Madison metro area.   As of the most recent census, statistics indicate that Sun Prairie is in the top 3 of fast-growing cities in Wisconsin.

Population and Number of Homes

The census report from the year 2010 showed that Sun Prairie has 29,364 citizens and that there are just over 12,000 housing units.  With an area of 12+ square miles, there are approximately 2,400 persons in each square mile.

As far as the ages of the population goes, the middle age is around 33.  28% of the population is below 18 while only 7% are between ages 18 and 24.  55% of the town’s inhabitants are between the ages of 25 and 64.

Local Economy

Among the largest employers in the area are Frontier Communications and American Family Insurance.  An international operation, QBE Insurance, also has offices in Sun Prairie.  Like most of Dane County, Sun Prairie enjoys an extremely low unemployment rate.

Average Weather

Sun Prairie enjoys a wide range of temperatures and seasonality during the year.  The summer months can be warm with upper temps reaching 82 during July.  The cold season hits in December through February, with January representing the coldest time as temps dip down to as low as 9 degrees.  Average rainfall for the year is around 32 inches and the winter will see several days of snow.

Universities, Colleges and Junior Colleges

Although there are no colleges or universities located directly in Sun Prairie there are a number of such schools within 50 miles of the town.

Public School System

The Sun Prairie Area School District is comprised of one high school, a single upper-middle school, two other middle schools, and a total of seven elementary schools.

Private Schools

Sacred Hearts is a Catholic school that offers instruction for children beginning at the pre-K level and going through 8th grade.  Another private school, Peace Evangelical Lutheran, offers classes for the same grade range.

Important Stats for Level of Education

For the citizens that are at least 25 years old, here are the major education stats.

  • 95% have graduated from high school
  • 40% have received a bachelor’s degree
  • 12% have received either a professional or graduate degree
  • only 4% are unemployed

Transportation Options

As far as traveling to work, the majority of Sun Prairie residents use their own private vehicle or carpool.  At this time there are no public transportation options.

Popular Restaurants and Other Hot Spots

Sun Prairie is host to numerous restaurants that can fill almost any appetite.

  • House of Mei – traditional Chinese cuisine
  • Salvator’e Tomato Pies – pizza and other Italian dishes
  • Porktropolis – barbecue menu
  • Buck & Honey’s – steakhouse that also serves brunch and breakfast
  • Atlantis Taverna – Greek and Mediterranean options
  • Beans n Cream coffee House – coffee shop popular with locals


The main hospital in Sun Prairie is St Mary’s Emergency Center as well as Dean Clinic.

Outdoor Activities

Each year the city celebrates Groundhog Day with Jimmy the Groundhog.

During June the Taste of the Arts Fair is held.  Demonstrations are held to instruct people in various crafts and artwork as well as a display of art from local residents.

In July high school marching bands have a competition known as the Flags of Freedom Field Show.  This competition attracts competitors from all over the USA as well as Canada.

The Sweet Corn Festival takes place in August. At least 100,000 people from various parts of the Midwest will attend the event to take place in the carnival, watch a parade and catch live music from a multitude of performers.

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