Real Estate and Mortgage Guide for Stillwater, MN

Opposite of Wisconsin along the St Croix River is the town known as Stillwater. It is one of the suburbs of the Twin Cities of Minnesota and also the county seat for Washington County.

Population and Number of Homes

The census from the year 2010 shows that slightly more than 18,000 people are actual residents of Stillwater. With just over 7,500 housing units the population density is 2,618 for every square mile. The breakdown of the population by age group is as follows.

Age Group Percent of Population
Under 18 26.50%
18 to 24 6.70%
25 to 44 25.30%
45 to 64 29%
Over 64 12.80%

Based on this breakdown 40 is the median age.

Local Economy

Considered a “bedroom community” there are not many large employers in Stillwater. The vast majority of the residents work in or around the Twin Cities. However, Stillwater is a popular place to visit for Twin Cities residents. Many people are attracted to the antique shops, historical sites, bookstores, and beautiful valley of the St Croix River.

Average Weather

Stillwater enjoys four full seasons throughout an average year. The coldest time of the year occurs in January when temperatures can get as low as 3 degrees. The hottest time of the year is in July. It is common for temperatures to reach 85 degrees in the middle of July.

Rainfall during the spring and summer is common. A total of 31 inches of rain will fall upon the city during an average year. Snowfall in the winter is also very common. Over 40 inches will normally descend upon Stillwater during a typical winter season.

Universities, Colleges and Junior Colleges

Although Stillwater is not home to any college or university there are a number of quality schools located within a radius of less than 20 miles of town. Here are some of the more prominent schools in the nearby area

  • Century College
  • St Paul College
  • Metropolitan State University
  • University of Wisconsin – River Falls campus
  • Bethel University
  • University of Northwestern – St Paul campus

Public School System

There is one high school that serves the students of Stillwater, named appropriately Stillwater Area High School. It is Minnesota’s oldest high school.

There is one Jr high school, Oak-Land Jr High School that serves 7th, 8th and 9th grades for the students in Stillwater.

Private Schools

There are 3 private schools in Stillwater. 2 of the schools are faith based. None of the schools offer classes above the 8th grade

  • Salem Lutheran School
  • St Croix Catholic School
  • St Croix Montessori

Important Stats for Level of Education

For the people over the age of 25, here are the important education statistics

97.1% graduated from high school
46.2% have earned a bachelor’s degree
14.8% have earned a professional or graduate degree
The unemployment rate is only 2%

Transportation Options

The vast majority of the residents in Stillwater use their own private cars for the transportation needs. At this time there are no public transportation options.

Popular Restaurants and Other Hot Spots

Although Stillwater is small in number, there are a diverse group of restaurants located throughout the city

  • Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque – serves Caribbean style barbeque
  • The Green Room – world cuisine that relies on local farmers for most of their menu
  • Nacho Mama’s – Tex-Mex dining
  • Luna Rossa – Italian food as well as a wine bar
  • Marx Fusion Bistro – American dishes with a wine bar
  • Oasis Café – throwback diner
  • Domacin – Mediterranean style menu
  • Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter – German style food


There is the Lakeview Memorial Hospital located in Stillwater. Many prominent hospitals are located nearby in multiple areas of the Twin Cities

Outdoor Activities

The Boom Site on the St Croix River has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Back in the 1800’s lumber companies would cut trees and float them down river to the boom. The boom would separate the timber based on the brand and send it to the local sawmills in Stillwater. The area now has a marker and a stairway leading down to a beach area.

125 miles of the St Croix River forms a border between the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The river is quite popular for camping, boating, fishing, and canoeing. Multiple public land sites are located on either side of the river for use by the public.

The Stillwater Bridge is a vertical lift bridge that crosses over St Croix River. The bridge connects the towns of Houlton, Wisconsin with Stillwater. Approximately 18,000 vehicles use the bridge each day.

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