Real Estate and Mortgage Guide for Janesville, WI

Along with being Rock County’s county seat Janesville is also the hub of a major metro area in the southernmost portion of the state of Wisconsin. Based on the most recent census the actual city of Janesville has just over 63,000 citizens.

Population and Number of Homes

Based on the population of 63,000+ people there are slightly more than 25,000 homes owned by citizens of Janesville. There are approximately 1,800 people for each square mile. Of the homes owned in the city, 30% have kids below the age of 18. The average age of people in Janesville is 37. 21% of the total population is below the age of 18 while 14% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 65.

Local Economy

Janesville is the headquarters for several popular companies with large employee bases.

The retail chain Blains’ Farm and Fleet have locations in 3 states and uses Janesville as their main headquarters.

Woodman’s Food Market built its very first supermarket in Janesville and has expanded into a regional chain.

Hufcor provides room dividers to companies all across the globe and manufacturers their products in Janesville.

Due to the varied interest of the area, Janesville has enjoyed an unemployment rate below 6% for quite some time.

The biggest employers in Janesville are

  • Mercy Health System
  • Rock County
  • W. W. Grainger
  • Janesville School District
  • J.P. Cullen and Sons
  • Rock County
  • Seneca Foods

Average Weather

During the summer months of June to September, the average temperature will range from 75 to 84. In the winter months of December to February, the temps can get down to 11 degrees. Over the course of a year, Janesville will receive about 36 inches of precipitation. This precipitation is a mixture of rain and snow, depending on the time of year and the current temperature.

Universities, Colleges and Junior Colleges

Rock County campus of the University of Wisconsin in Janesville is a community college offering various 2-year degree programs. Blackhawk Technical College is also in Janesville.

Public School System

There are a total of 12 different elementary schools serving the various sections of Janesville. These schools feed up to 3 middle schools and then the students move on to one of two high schools. There is also the Guide Language Center, which is a charter school offering classes in 10 separate languages.

Since the year 1850, the Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired has operated in Janesville.

Private Schools

The city of Janesville has 45 different private schools. Some of these are pre-school only programs while others have classes from pre-kindergarten all the way up to the 12th grade. Many of the schools are operated by faith-based organizations and have curricula that are in line with the organization’s belief system.

Important Stats for Level of Education

Here are the education stats for people above the age of 25 in Janesville

  • 89% of the people have successfully completed high school
  • 21% received a bachelor’s degree
  • 7% possess either a professional or master’s degree

Transportation Options

The Janesville Transit System also referred to as JTS is a bus system open to the public. The bus line also connects Janesville to the nearby areas of Milton and Beloit. A second bus operation, Van Galder Bus Company, provides long-distance trips to Midway Airport, Chicago, and O’Hare Airport.

Popular Restaurants and Other Hot Spots

Here are some of the more popular restaurants throughout Janesville

  • Milwaukee Grill – American cuisine
  • GR’s Sandwich Shoppe – moderate price sandwiches
  • O’Riley and Conway’s Irish Pub
  • Aglio Ristorante – Italian cuisine
  • Pit Stop BBQ – Barbeque
  • Citrus Café – open 365 days serving lunch and breakfast.

Along with restaurants there are other activities and hot spots to attend such as

  • Rotary Botanical Gardens
  • L’atelier Inc – art gallery with classes
  • Raven’s Wish – art gallery
  • Janesville Little Theatre Workshop
  • CSA Kids Sports & Arts Campus


The following hospitals are located within Janesville

  • St Mary’s Janesville Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital & Trauma Center Emergency North
  • Riverview Surgery Center

Outdoor Activities

The title of “Wisconsin’s Park Place” has been bestowed on Janesville. The various 64 public parks are composed of over 2,500 acres for people to enjoy multiple activities in the great outdoors. The large size of parks is the biggest amount of acres per capita for any area in the state of Wisconsin.

Some of the parks include boat launches, most notably Traxler Park. This locale is the home of Rock Aqua Jays the 19 times US national champion water ski team. The National Show Ski competition is often held at Traxler Park. In fact, this park hosted the inaugural World Water Ski Show competition which saw teams from Canada, Australia, China, and Belgium.

Other parks include golf courses, public swimming pools, disc golf areas, playgrounds, and biking trails.

Important Piece of History

People who enjoy historical landmarks and learning about the origin of a town and state will really enjoy Janesville. Of all the historic sites located in the state of Wisconsin 20% of them are found within the city limits of Janesville. Historic buildings and sites include Courthouse Hill Historic District, the Lincoln-Tallman House, and the Lovejoy Houses.

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