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FHA 203k Mortgage Facts

The FHA 203k loan is ideal for a wide range of buyers. It can be used to purchase a home and borrow money to do a few simple modifications, such as paint and carpet or it can be used to totally remodel a home.

4 FHA 203k Mortgage Myths

Very few things in this world are perfect. There is always a bit of negative with any product or service. However, one or two bad experiences can taint an otherwise exceptional service. Here are four common myths about the FHA 203k loan that are simply not true.

Understanding The Conventional Loan

The conventional loan is the most popular mortgage in the land. Nearly every mortgage lender can provide a conventional mortgage. Here are a few basic rules that define the conventional mortgage loan for a purchase transaction.

Fixed Rate Jumbo Mortgage

Within the past few years a Jumbo home loan with a fixed interest rate was nearly impossible to find. Thankfully, the improving home market and the surge in sales over $417,000 have brought back the fixed interest rate mortgage. The rates are quite attractive as well.