Many years ago, the only way to buy a home was through either an all cash transaction or save up until you had at least a 20% down payment. For this reason many people would rent very nice homes and apartments since their finances dictated that they would be there at least 5 years while they saved up for a down payment.
Free E-Book: Buying Homes with No Down Payment
Thankfully those days are basically long gone. Home financing that has been around for a number of years make it possible for people to buy a home with no down payment. This short e-book will discuss the 4 types of loans that offer a zero down option along with general information about each type of mortgage.

  • FHA Mortgage – Low Down Payment with a Twist
  • VA Mortgage – No Money Needed for Down Payment
  • USDA Mortgage – Buying a Slice of Heaven in the Country
  • Conventional Loan Gift of Equity – Using Family Connections to Buy Your Home
  • BONUS!! Chapters

These mortgages cover a wide range of circumstances and qualifications so there should be something that fits your specific needs. To find out if you can be approved for one of these loans contact one of the good folks at

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