Real Estate and Mortgage Guide for Plainfield, IL

Considered a part of the Chicago suburbs, Plainfield is a rapidly growing village in Illinois. The physical location of the town has it spread across two counties, Kendall and Will.

Population and Number of Homes

According to a census conducted in 2012, the Plainfield population was listed at 40,466 which is over 200% growth since the year 200. In fact, the population was only 4,500 as recently as the year 1990.

Currently, there are over 12,500 housing units throughout the town. Based on the population and area of the town the density of people is slightly more than 1,100 for each square mile.

Due to the rapid increase in population, the overall age demographics show that the town is filled with mostly young adults. Approximately 32% of the population is under the age of 18 and only 6% of residents fall in the 18-24 bracket. 36% of the people are aged between 25 and 44 while 19% fall in the 45-64 age group. Only 6% of the residents are older than 64

Local Economy

Since the area is a suburb of Chicago the majority of Plainfield residents work in other areas. A demographic survey has shown that 22% of the full-time employees hold blue collar jobs and 66% work in white collar professions.

Average Weather

Plainfield enjoys 4 true seasons through the year and an overall mild temperature range. The hottest days occur in July when the average can reach up to 84 degrees. The coldest time is in January when the lows can get all the way down to 13.

Precipitation is common during the year with the total rainfall for the year coming in at 39 inches. Snowfall is quite common in the winter months with a few inches of accumulation on a regular basis.

Universities, Colleges and Junior Colleges

There are no colleges, universities or junior colleges located directly in Plainfield. However, within an area of 15 miles there are several higher learning options including

  • North Central College in Naperville
  • Lewis University in Romeoville
  • Aurora University in Aurora
  • Joliet Junior College in Joliet
  • Benedictine University in Glen Ellyn

Public School System

Over 28,000 students are served by Plainfield Community Consolidated School District. The various elementary and middle schools feed in to the 4 high schools in the area

  • Plainfield Central High school, the oldest high school in town
  • Plainfield South High School
  • Plainfield North High school
  • Plainfield East High School, built in 2008

Private Schools

The main private school is Christ Lutheran School, a faith based school that offers classes in grades from 9th through 12th.

Important Stats for Level of Education

For the Plainfield citizens over the age of 25, here are the important education statistics.

  • 97% graduated from high school
  • 48% have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • 18% have either a professional or graduate degree
  • The unemployment rate is 6%

Transportation Options

Besides Interstate 55 and US Highways 30 and 66, Plainfield has access to the PACE bus routes offered by Chicago. Two separate routes offer service from Plainfield directly to the downtown area of Chicago. The bus routes run both ways Monday to Friday during the typical rush hour commute.

Popular Restaurants and Other Hot Spots

Plainfield enjoys a range of cuisines that represents some of the most popular food choices.

  • Sovereign – known for their large selection of wine and organic food
  • Sushi N Noodle by OISI – Japanese sushi bar
  • Capri Sogno – traditional Italian menu
  • Frank’s Night Out – hot dog diner
  • MoeJoe’s – Creole and Cajun food
  • Baby Back Blues – Barbeque


There is one major hospital in Plainfield, Bethesda Lutheran-Plainfield location. There are also two home health care agencies along with a nursing home.

Outdoor Activities

Plainfield has numerous activities to match a variety of hobbies and interests.

  • Crossfit Plainfield is a local gym that caters to the popular CrossFit crowd
  • Lake Renwick Preserve offers hiking and interaction with wildlife along with a 839 acre lake and 320 acre nature preserve
  • Glisson Archery has an indoor practice range and a pro shop to meet all archery needs.
  • Dive Right In Scuba provides all the training and products a person might need on their next underwater adventure
  • Naperbrook Golf Course has a beautiful course for golf enthusiasts

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