Key Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Your First Home

by Aiman Abozeid on July 10, 2013 · 0 comments

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Purchasing your first place should be a time of excitement for you. After you have spoken to a lender and received qualification to purchase a home, it is time to find the right property. Here are some key points for first time home buyers to consider when searching for your first house.

Right Size for Your Stuff

Some people start off with just a few furnishings and intend to add more items once they buy a home. However, if you are happy with your current stuff then you need to pay attention to each home you review. Will your current furniture look good in the available space? Will your bedroom set fit comfortably in the master bedroom? Are any of the rooms shaped oddly or have a post that seems to be in the way?

Primary Areas of Concern

Give special attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen. Since these rooms incorporate plumbing along with electrical wiring, ventilation and cabinets they typically cost more to update or even renovate. Make sure the appliances and plumbing are all in good working order before purchasing the home.

The heating and air conditioning unit is typically the second most important item to consider. If the home has a central unit that ventilates the entire home it is wise to find out how old the system is and if it has been regularly serviced.

Considering Things Outside of the House

There are also things to consider that go beyond the walls of the home. How close or how far is the home from hospitals, shopping and dining centers? How far will you need to commute to work? If you have children, how safe is the neighborhood? While these items will not directly impact how you spend time in the home, they will affect your feelings and attitude about the home and your overall happiness. Having a great home that is 90 minutes away from work may cause quite a strain on some people. At the same time, being too close to numerous neighbors and a busy street is a nightmare for other folks.

Keep one point in mind above all others; it is likely that there is not a PERFECT home for your needs. Finding the right size home, with appropriate features, in a great location, at a super low price, may not happen for you in your first home. In order to find something that is easily affordable you may have to sacrifice either location or amenities. Just be sure that you are happy with the sacrifice and able to have an enjoyable home life.

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